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Chiropractic - Stages of Care

Stage 1- Relief Care/Acute Inflammatory Response.

In the initial stage of care, the focus is on symptomatic relief where the goal here is to reduce pain & swelling & to minimise the extent of tissue damage. Treatment consists of specific techniques & therapies which are most effective in reducing symptoms. Most times, relief will be felt at the initial consult with further reduction of symptoms after 2-3 consultations.

Stage 2- Corrective Care/Tissue Repair.

The next stage of care addresses tissue healing & normal functioning. The goal here is to restore motion to help repair tissue by avoiding excessive scar tissue build up & adhesions, & help promote healing. It is important that patients follow instructions during this stage as tissues & structures that are not fully repaired are prone to future recurrences of symptoms.

Stage 3- Wellness Care/Tissue Remodelling.

The final stage consists of periodic care to ensure the health of your Musculo-skeletal system. The goal here is to reduce the risk of re-injury, avert formation of new injuries & prevent degenerative spinal processes from occurring. Treatment will consist of chiropractic adjustments & soft tissue techniques to improve whole body joint motion & collagen (repaired tissue) alignment, flexibility & strength.
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